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Inkglass's Graphics

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Welcome to iggraphics
Community's Information:

This is a graphics journal for inkglass
I wanted a place to keep everything I've done
without dealing with friending people. My graphics
deals with all type of subjects, so please have an
open mind.

I have been in many fandoms, but these are some
that I continuously comeback to:
TV series: Psych; The Big Bang Theory
Anime: Gravitation; Gundam Wing; Get Backers
Manga: Yamane Ayano (Viewfinder, Crimson Spell
and other works); Masara Minase; Yaoi Manga
Movies: Random movie icons that I've watched.
Community's Rules:

Comment when taking anything.
Credit is appreciated but not required
Post rated above PG-13 will be lock automatically.
Anything else will be lock in three days.
I have open membership, join if you want or unjoin.
Community's Resources:

Resources: Resources
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